Have you heard the news?

We have merged with Catholic Charities and we are now:
Age Well at Home

Our mission hasn’t changed and we are here to serve the Senior Citizens of Chatfield.
Our volunteers will continue to provide transportation, chore services, and companionship.
Our phone number is also the same: 507-251-0520.
For more information on the Age Well at Home program, visit www.ccsomn.org/active-aging-programs/age-well-at-home/

Help Our Neighbors serves the city of Chatfield and the surrounding area serviced by the Chatfield Ambulance Service. Help Our Neighbors help seniors remain independent in their homes and active in the community by empowering seniors who need help to know where to find information, advice and support.

Flu + You

This organization was supported, in part, by a Community Service/Community Services Development Grant from Department of Human Services (DHS)